Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Upgrading a Mac drive: nice tip

I like the procedure outlined here ...
Macintouch - MacBook

The specific screwdriver needed to remove the factory-installed HDD from its metal cover is a T-8 torx. Home Depot and Lowe's have these in multi-size Torx driver sets for less than $6...

Apricorn (www.apricorn.com) has a USB enclosure for a SATA drive (model EZ UP - S).

What I did was:

1. bought a replacement HDD
2. installed it into the above described USB enclosure
3. used Super Duper! to copy factory HDD to the new one in the USB enclosure and make it bootable (although you can not boot from a USB drive, it's still important to make the cloned HDD bootable).
4. Swapped the internal and external drives. This is easy if you have the above T-8 Torx screwdriver.
5. put the factory HDD into the USB enclosure.

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