Thursday, June 22, 2006

Replacing a defective Tungsten E2 with an old Samsung i500

My Tungsten E2 is dying - 10 days past the 90 day warranty. The Amazon reviews of the T/E 2 are scathing, and there's no shortage of quality issues with the Palm TX (1 year warranty) either. I'm disgusted. The PDA marketplace is dying -- what's a geek to do?

Reminds me of the Newton users gasping until the Palm arrived. Windows Mobile has always been awful and I don't want anything to do with the "modern" Palm hardware or software. I might try BlackBerry, but in the meantime I've an ancient smartphone (Samsung i500) that runs PalmOS 4.1 (the last good version).

I'm thinking that since DataViz's BeyondContacts will work on a Samsung i500 I'll dump ePocrates and squeeze my data onto that old Smartphone. Then I'll exercise my AMEX extended warranty and get the money back for my Tungsten E2.

Maybe I can limp along with that praying that Apple brings their smartphone to market before 2020, if the Samsung dies I'll just have to survive with a Blackberry.

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