Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Using Onfolio IE toolbar as an RSS reader

I'm not interested in most of what Onfolio offers, but I do want to try their Read RSS News Feeds feature. Microsoft bought the product, so it'll be available through them soon. Meanwhile you can get it from the Onfolio site.

BTW, I tried the RSS reader in IE 7 beta. Lame! Surprisingly lame. What were they thinking?

Update 6/26/06: My copy of IE 6 has turned to bird poop. Is it the beta version of Windows Live toolbar? Was it my misguided installation of IE 7 beta two? I'm not certain, but I think Microsoft's idea of a beta is very different from Google's definition. Google's beta software performs like Microsoft's post-release rev 2 products. I am so avoiding Microsoft betas from now on.

I use Firefox for most things, but I need IE for work. So it's an uninstall until the next edition of the toolbar. Shame -- I really like the Onfolio product.

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