Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IE + Onfolio spanks Firefox, Google, and Windows RSS clients

This is not good news. I've been using the new beta MSN live "toolbar", based on Onfolio's products. Microsoft acquired them recently. The "toolbar" is really a large set of extensions to IE and Windows, including Microsoft's full text search engine.

It's good. The Onfolio - Read RSS reader beats every other Windows client I've looked at - and it's free. The toolbar gives IE tabs. The rest of the Onfolio suite is enticing.

It's good, so it's also bad. IE 7 is extremely unimpressive, but IE 6 with Onfolio will displace Firefox and Google's IE toolbar from a lot of machines. In particular few other RSS clients will work with Microsoft's sharepoint RSS solution (uses another acquisition) -- thanks to Microsoft's control of user authentication.

If you have to do RSS on Windows, this is probably the solution to use. It also incorporates a posting ability which I've yet to test ....

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