Saturday, July 19, 2008

Codswallop reader favorite software - including Daylite

Codswallop's reader list of favorite tools is surprisingly good. I recognized most of them, but Daylite is new to me.

I'm surprised I've not heard this integrated productivity suite -- but the $1000 5 user license fee might be part of the reason. Their sync would have to be extremely good to justify even a license for Emily and ($400).

On another note, I was surprised to see Total Commander on the list. It's been a while since I've seen a Norton Commander clone. Those were the days ...

Update 7/24/08: Great comment from Carolyn. If Daylite can't do basic task/calendar integration, how can we take them seriously?


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thought I would fill you in on Daylite. Downloaded the trial, great online forums and support, thought it was a solution for us... until I discovered that project deadlines and tasks won't show in the calendar view. They'll show in the task bar when you click on tasks or the specific due date, but not as a calendar overview. (This is a huge gripe among Daylite users when you start reading through the forums) There is no way to visually flip through a calendar to see what deadlines you have coming up, unless you make them all events, which defeats the other parts of the project management interface. It was a dealbreaker for me, for an otherwise nifty app. :) They are even supposed to have an iphone version of the app by EOY. Shame!

JGF said...

Wow, that is a dealbreaker. I've called out your comment in an update to the original post.