Monday, July 21, 2008

Google profile grows, but no direct OpenID yet

I first realized I was 113... last December:
Gordon's Notes: My Google profile -- another brick in the wall

.... I mentioned a few weeks ago that blogger knows me as 113810027503326386174. My friends call me 113. I wonder if Google will ever recycle that identifier, or if I can confidently carve it on the old tombstone.

Today Google maps has added a new profile link using the same identifier:

The maps profile link shows some maps I've created, and a link to 'report this profile'. (That seems an ominous invitation to the ill-intentioned)...
Now I have a full Google Profile. Here's the URL:

So I tried a Google search on 113810027503326386174 and I found a Sharing Stuff page I didn't know about

The "social stuff" all hangs off of, which first gets a mention in a 2006 post.

The Google Profile includes an OpenID bound to my Google identity, I added that last December. Google provides an OpenID through Blogger, but not yet through the Google Profile itself.

I'm accumulating these identity defining attributes on my "address" page.

Reputation management
moves forward, but all this social networking stuff is bound to my real world identity. Most of my writing is now under a light pseudonym. So it doesn't quite fit.

More on the evolving profile here ...

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