Sunday, July 13, 2008

iTunes library: recreate, move and more

I've moved my iTunes Library a few times. As far as I can recall, whatever I did worked. I've even moved it from Mac to PC and back again.

Here are the official ways to move and, if necessary, regenerate your iTunes Library:
Here are the unofficial ways I've done things like this in years past. I recommend the official route, but if you get stuck these resources might provide ideas:
If you want to do more with your iTunes Library, consider PowerTunes. I've no personal experience, but I've used iPhoto Library Manager from the same author.

So, lots of options. Which brings me to the inspiration for this post - a completely confused article on Mac OS X Hints. How can it be that genuine OS X geeks don't know to search Apple's knowledge base?

To be fair, I tried a Google search on the topic and the results were pretty bad. Then I tried iTunes Help, and that was useless. Searching Apple's knowledge base worked though. This should really be in Apple's Help file, so I'll give my fellow geeks a bit of slack.

Maybe this post will help Google do a bit better ...

Update 8/16/08: I tried again today, and now Google's search works just fine. Coincidence, I'm sure.

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