Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing Sync for iPhone does Notes synchronization

So MobileMe ain't exactly wonderful. What about the alternatives?

For on, there's Missing Sync, which we've used with Palm devices and Blackberry devices on OS X:
The Missing Sync for iPhone - Synchronize Mac OS X and iPhone 
... The Notes application on the iPhone is great for jotting down everything from meeting minutes and brilliant ideas to reminders and shopping lists. But you can't organize notes into categories, search your notes, or copy and paste content. Unless you use The Missing Sync to transfer your iPhone notes into Microsoft Entourage, Bare Bones Yojimbo or Mark/Space Notebook (included with The Missing Sync)....
That sounds interesting.

The Mark/Space migration assistant will also move Contacts and Calendar from a Palm device to an iPhone on OS X.

That still leaves Tasks in the cold though.

This is all going to take a lot more work ...

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