Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone availability widget

Minnesota is among the 21 states with no current iPhone availability.

What a nuisance.

Apple has a widget that works only after 9pm (local time?) to check local Apple Store stocks:
Apple Retail Store - iPhone availability at the Apple Store

Check availability after 9:00 p.m. the night before you plan to visit an Apple Retail Store.

Get there early. Shipments arrive most days, but be sure to arrive early since iPhone 3G is sold on a first come, first served basis.

I'd prefer to buy at an AT&T store due to the tactical complexity of AT&T's deliberately evil contracts, but I suspect Apple stores are getting more shipments. AT&T is not offering a similar availability widget, they suggest payment up front and they'll hold a phone when it arrives. Fortune reports they have no phones anywhere, and no word on when they'll receive any.

I'd pay to reserve at an AT&T except I know AT&T is so Satanic that Hell itself could not abide them. (Apple, on the other hand, is merely a close confidante of Beelzebub. AT&T store staff, in my experience, are quite good btw.)

Update 7/15/08 9pm: no iPhones available in Minnesota. Ok, 1 8GB white.
Update 7/16/0810pm: none at all

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Dave Walker said...

The AT&T stores near me (suburban Detroit) had trivial allotments of phones (e.g. 30-50 apiece). Very few people got them there.

We got ours (2 on the family plan) Saturday: in line at 2:30 PM, in store by 4, 20 minutes to activate them. Not as bad as I'd heard.