Sunday, July 27, 2008

My current iPhone app and services.

I'll revise this list as I add and remove iPhone apps. This is for 7/27/08. I exclude the apps that come with the phone.

A if for Application.
S is for (web) service.
SA is a combine service and application.
  1. Google Mobile App (SA): Mail, Docs, Reader, Picasa. The iPhone was the final nail for bloglines -- they don't have an acceptable mobile interface.
  2. Evernote (SA)
  3. Epocrates Rx (SA)
  4. Light (A)
  5. NYTimes (SA)
  6. Pandora (SA): this is genuinely amazing; it's going to sell a lot of used CDs. Recommend setting up by PC/Mac first.
  7. Remote (iTunes/AirTunes) (A)
  8. Book reader (A) - currently, an old favorite. The Prince.
  9. Voice Record (A)
    (this may be superseded by Evernote's audio notes, but it works without a net connection)

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