Saturday, July 05, 2008

iPhone mystery: will Apple allow developers to do desktop sync?

I've been watching this for months. Despite all the SDK talk, there's no mention of whether Apple will allow app developers to sync with desktop apps (rather than with net apps).

This is a big deal for products like OmniFocus. Omni acts as though a solution is coming, but a week from go-live Mariner software doesn't know how this will work ...
Your Tech Weblog: Local firm making a spreadsheet for iPhone 
... He also needs [Mariner] Calc for iPhone to sync with Calc for the Mac, and is talking with Apple on how that might happen, but he has no idea when this critical hurdle will be overcome....
I assume that Apple wants very tight DRM and security for the iPhone, and that this has created their synchronization issues.

I wish Android were doing better. It would be nice for Apple to feel more competitive heat. As it is, they look ready to rule. For better and for worse! 

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