Saturday, June 10, 2006

TEAC SR-L200i-W clock radio with iPod integration

After the iH5 debacle this TEAC SR-L200i-W Hi-Fi Radio with iPod Dock is appealing. Alas, I can't find any reviews anywhere. It might be too new a product. I'll need some reviews before I take a chance on in ...

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Anonymous said...

Just got one yesterday.. Love it so far. Bought it at a local Costco: $89 canadian + tax. The sound is decent, bass is overstated but overall the quality is much beter than an average boom box. Woke up this morning to some of my favorite tunes! :)

I have iPod nano, had to used the adapter that came with it, Teac does not supply one for Nano, make sure you have yours if you own one.