Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blogger a mess with Firefox 3

I'm rewriting this post.

Every other post I've written over the past 3-5 days has had problems with lost line breaks. All my text runs together. It's as though Blogger had broken their age-old management of paragraph breaks. I've tried Safari 3, Firefox 3, ScribeFire, XP, OSX, Blogger-standard and Blogger-in-Draft.

My original post implied the problem was with ScribeFire, Blogger in Draft, and Firefox 3. Then I thought it was Firefox 3 and any version of Blogger. Now I think it's any version of Blogger with Firefox 3 and Blogger-in-Draft with Safari 3.

Basically Blogger is having a really lousy holiday weekend.

Be warned.

They'll fix this eventually. It's not hard to spot!

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Anonymous said...

Switched to FireFox 3 last night (12/15/08) after reading yet another horror story with IE 7.0. Tonight was my first posting under FF3, and it was an arm wresting contest between me and the blogger! There is a run-on sentence I cannot separate, moving photos to final placement was a freaking nightmare, and could not post until 3 metafiles were eliminated (I compose in Word 2003) and then, as you can see, the Verdana sizing has gone south on me! Help!!