Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Universal Clipboard (Handoff, Continuity) not working, endless spinning in iCloud Notes (Mojave)

 Recently I've had two issues:

  1. Mojave Universal Clipboard stopped working between Mojave and iOS 15.4.1
  2. Mojave notes iCloud synced but always showed a spinning activity icon
I found that I could make Universal Clipboard work again by creating or editing a note on my iPhone or on Mojave. Once that synced then UC worked until I rebooted.

I may have had success by:
  1. Changing my Mojave location DNS settings from Cloudflare ( to Google ( (Based on this post)
  2. Toggling Notes iCloud off then on again (restores notes)
Now the spinning is gone, and UC seems to be working.

Update 5/15/2022: UC is back to not working unless I create a note that's synced between iOS and Mojave. Notes doesn't show the skinny activity icon. So this is an open problem.