Saturday, April 02, 2005

Free FullWrite Professional is still out there

Free FullWrite Professional™ Document Processor

Dave Trautman's site allows one to download a full copy of the last version of FullWrite Professional. If MORE 3.1 was the ultimate outliner (OmiOutliner Pro 3.x may rival it now), then FullWrite Pro was the ultimate wordprocessor. Like MORE, it's now available for free.

It apparently runs in the OS X classic emulation mode, though it gives a FOND error message that can be ignored. I remember FW Pro as a monster -- it required megabytes (at least one) of hard drive space and maybe 1-2 megabytes of memory. It really strained my SE/30. It was also buggy when I used its full features in the earlier versions, but it was an astounding wordprocessor. It was also a quite decent outliner.


Tom Carder said...

In 1993 I prepared the camera-ready pages of my book for the publisher using FullWrite Professional. Now I need to resurrect the book but have moved up from MacOS8 to OSx/Classic and the FullWrite I have (v1.5s) will not work under x/Classic. Where can I download a version that will work with X/Classic? "" does not work.

Thank you.

Tom Carder

EHz said...

The correct link to download FullWrite Pro now appears to be at:

EHz said...

OK, I found the correct link to download FullWrite:

Note the .ca, not .org as in the erroneous link currently on this page.