Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fog Creek Copilot: $10 for a day's use

FogCreek is a s/w development community best known for content authoring environments. They've got a big reputation though, thanks to the writings of the founder and CEO, Joel Sposky.

Now they've announced a new service - a remote control application. It allows a machine running Win98 or higher to be controlled by another Win98+ machine: Fog Creek Copilot Home. I've used many similar products, and this is the best price/value usability combination I've seen by far. Does it work? I don't know, but based on Fog Creek's reputation I'd trust it.

I'll probably use it on my mother's machine shortly. Will update here with review.

Update 1/5/06: I've not tested it yet, but in correspondence with Fog Creek I was told they're working on changing the app to make control even more automatic (so my mother doesn't need to do anything) and are looking at adding Mac support.

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