Sunday, April 30, 2006

Worst OS X bug: Public and Shared folders

I like OS X, but there are some bad bugs. This one is the worst I know of in 10.4.6 -- because it's not even recognized and it disables major functionality (Caveat - maybe something's broken in my system):
Shared Folders and Public Folders

Use Shared folders and Public folders to share information with other users of your computer.

The Shared folder is located in the Users folder (where your home folder is located). The Shared folder is set up with read and write permissions so that all users can open files in and copy files to this folder.

The Public folder is located in your home folder. It is set up with read only permissions that allow others to see and copy its contents. The Public folder also contains a Drop Box folder where other users can copy files but cannot see the Drop Box folder contents.
Frequently, if not always, when I drag folders into my Shared Folder or Public Folder they retain the permissions they had on my desktop. That means others can't read or write them. These folders should have a 'rewrite on drop' behavior that would set permissions. On my system they don't. I have to set them by hand.

I run as a non-admin user. It's the only way to go, running as admin is asking for bad trouble. I wonder if admin users don't see this bug.

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