Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yet another OS X bug - iTunes this time

I'm running into a serious bug every hour or so! This one is with Apple's Front Row menu. Music that plays fine in iTunes, and that came from a CD (not the Apple Store) won't play in Front Row -- I get the "not authorized" notice.

I'm thinking very negative thoughts at the moment. Time to go to sleep.

Update: Others have noticed this. $#!$#!$!@%!%

Maybe Jobs should take some of his suspect stock option money and pay for some QA testing.

Update: Here's the main discussion. Tag update didn't work, move Library didn't work, now trying move and Consolidate (takes a long time, so maybe ...). Update later.

Update: Ok, it's fixed. Killer bug though. My iTunes library was in a folder titled iTunesMusic. When all was done the files were in 'iTunes Music'. I did the following:
  1. upgraded all tags to most recent standard
  2. used advanced settings to change location of all music
  3. use 'consolidate' menu item which had the effect of copying (so almost ran out of room on drive) all music from iTunesMusic to a new folder called iTunes Music in the parent folder I'd moved everything to.
  4. started OS X in safe mode to flush caches then restarted
  5. started iTunes, confirmed it was using iTunes Music.
  6. moved iTunesMusic to the trash
  7. Started Front Row which then locked up. Killed front row with cmd-alt-esc.
  8. emptied trash and restarted iTunes. (I think Front Row was still trying to use the files in iTunesMusic, which was in the trash.)
  9. Started Front Row again -- now it works.

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