Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari 3.0: Apple's beta is Google's alpha

I'm playing with Safari 3.0 on Mac and Windows. On Windows it has problems with dual monitors [1], some font configurations, BlogThis! bookmarklet didn't work, and it's crashy. On OS X we get full support from Gmail, Gcal, Google Documents and blogger/BlogThis (!). Google spreadsheets don't work on either platform.

On a minor footnote Safari finally renders renders nested bullets correctly. That's been a long time coming.

So now there's competition for Camino 1.5 on OS X. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! (BTW, Safari does inline spellchecking as nicely as Camino.)

A word of warning, however. Those who do not know Apple will need this translation table:
  • Google pre-alpha 1.0 = Apple beta
  • Google alpha 1.0 = Apple 1.0
  • Google beta 1.0 = Apple 2.0
  • Google production 1.0 = Apple 3.0
Apple treats early adopters as alpha testers. You have been warned.

Update: Even though it seems to work on blogger, it really doesn't. Many post actions fail.

Update 6/17: The developers made this classic windows programming error.


Unknown said...


Are you able to upload photos to Snapfish using Safari 3.0 Beta?


disposableidentity said...

Nested bullets? Crazy. Web designers (or anyone else setting type) should be using them.

Nested bullets are a carryover from a few bad "graphics packages" like PowerPoint.

Being upset that they weren't supported is like criticizing Safari for not displaying the "blink" tag correctly. (