Friday, July 13, 2007

Apple: has a consolidated feedback page

There are several ways to get feedback to Apple:

  1. Developers can report defects through the developer account. This is the most effective way to report a defect. You need a development account with Apple.
  2. Apple forums: these are not officially monitored but word filters out.
  3. Macintouch: Apple reads this. Items that are published by Macintouch reach many eyes.
  4. Apple - Feedback: I used to think this was worthless, but they've now created a cross-product feedback page. I suspect it's at best "read" by a pattern-recognition text mining software, but Apple is at least investing in it. (Though they may simply use it a pacification ploy, in much the same way that offices include thermostats that aren't connected to anything.)

If you want to reach Apple, you probably need to inject the same meme by multiple messages, as well as get it on a widely read blog.

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