Friday, October 26, 2007

Shades of the singularity: Canon SD 1000 for $170

Amazon is selling the Canon SD1000 today for $170.

We live in a weird world. There's all kinds of cheap worthless junk sold for low prices, and then then there's something like this. It's a genuine marvel of technology, and at least the early versions were actually manufactured in Japan. Yes, like the old days.

Today it's selling for the cost of a big date.

I just want to say that's weird. I think I'll buy my wife this for her birthday and give our perfectly decent Canon SD 600 to the kids.

Update 11/6/07: It's made in Japan! Still, just like the SD 600 before it. It feels like an Apple product. Compared to the SD 600 it uses the same battery, charger and SD memory card. It fits the SD 600 case - somewhat thinner and very slightly longer. I turned off the 'face focus' feature as it seems a bit slow to focus lock, I need to test it more with different focus parameters. I prefer the raised controls of the SD 600 to the perfectly flat buttons on the SD 1000, but the SD 1000's camera/video/review toggle seems less likely to move accidentally.

Update 8/25/08: Not quite the singularity. At 10 months of age the focus motor broke.

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Anonymous said...

Have the same camera, was extremely happy with it then 1 year later the exact same problem!