Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone doesn’t do tasks? Who cares. OmniFocus.

Who cares that Steve Jobs has a !#% religious objection to task management?

That’s why Babbage invented computing …

OmniFocus for iPhone will be location-aware - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

… OmniGroup says that by "using your location, OmniFocus can create a custom list of actions to complete nearby. Buying groceries? OmniFocus can show you the closest grocery store and create an instant shopping list."

Pretty sweet. OmniGroup expects that OmniFocus for iPhone will be available via the App Store around the launch date in early July…

One of the “GTD” principles is opportunistic execution of location specific tasks. OmniFocus is a GTD oriented task manager.

Location specific task reminders are necessarily useful, but they are very cool.

I expect to own an early version of this app.

Update 8/10/08: Not so fast. Scratch OmniFocus.

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