Friday, November 28, 2008

Modern software development on the web

This is a well done essay on model-view-controller development that happens to also talk about the web: Advogato: Blurring of MVC lines: Programming the Web Browser.

If you want to catch up a bit on current programming styles (I'm a bit behind myself) the Wikipedia article on RESTful development is a good complement. This bit of the article is particularly helpful, especially if you know that "RPC" is often used to refer to SOAP services, that Dave Winer was a champion of SOAP and RSS alike, and that Atom was championed by Google over RSS (phew!) ...

... It is possible to claim an enormous number of RESTful applications on the Web (just about everything accessible through an HTTP GET request or updateable through HTTP POST). Taken more narrowly, in its sense as an alternative to both Web Services generally and the RPC style specifically, REST can be found in a number of places on the public Web:

Note that WSDL version 2.0 now offers support for binding to all the HTTP request methods (not only GET and POST as in version 1.1).[6]

I think of Jon Udell as a godfather of the RESTful world, but I had trouble finding a review essay of his on the topic; his early discussions are fairly brief. I've got a very good reference somewhere, I'll add it here when I find it....

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