Friday, June 05, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 - still a lousy feed reader

Try searching on "IE 8 feed reader". Right. Nothing much there.

That's because Internet Explorer 8's feed reader capabilities are no better than IE 7's. In other words, absolutely lousy.

Of course Firefox is little better and there are really no good Windows desktop feed readers left, so IE's not alone. Still, if you're hoping for reader improvements over IE 7 look elsewhere.

Thunderbird is said to have a decent feed reader, but of course it can't manage Active Directory authenticated feeds (on the other hand, maybe that's a feature). Outlook 2007, incidentally, is not only a bad feed reader, it's a bloody dangerous feed reader.

Opera has a mail integrated reader, which is unfortunate since feeds are structurally different from email. Safari 4beta for OS X has a feed reader, but the link to subscribe via bookmark doesn't work (the first thing I've found in Safari 4 that doesn't work). It looks like it's setup for subscription in anyway.

Gee, do you think someone's trying to tell me something?

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