Thursday, August 20, 2009

OS X Preview PDF display - it has limits

Montreal offers a detailed PDF map of the island .. - general tourist info
... See this Google map of the metropolitan area or download the incredibly detailed city map (pdf format) from the Montreal transit site ...
It's a richly detailed 4.4 MB pure vector PDF.

I tried viewing it in OS X Not such a good idea. Preview pegged my MacBook at 98% CPU and a GB or so of memory.

This is the first time OS X Preview has disappointed me. I hadn't realized it was such a light duty application. I'm contemplating installing Adobe's product, something I try very hard to avoid given Adobe's astounding record of installer dysfunction.


enonzey said...

Both Preview, Version 4.2 (469.5), and Skim, Version 1.2.4 (42), open that pdf just fine on my MacBook Pro.

Neither program pegged the CPU. Skim did handle zooming in on the map much more smoothly than Preview.

I avoid Adobe software whenever possible; their QA has gone all to hell in recent years and their installers suck eggs.

JGF said...

Just in time, I'll hold off on adobe acrobat and investigate what's wrong with my copy of Preview. I'll also try Skim.

I agree about Adobe's quality control, and that their persistently crappy installers are a sign of insanity.