Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amazon MP3 download in Safari

I bought an MP3 tune from Amazon, but the download wouldn't work.

Safari OS X kept saving a ".amz" file. The instructions said to "open it", but of course Safari refused. The "help" link took me to a Windows specific help page.

The real answer is that you must first Install the Amazon MP3 Downloader. The downloader is supposed to require that, but it didn't in my case. I migrated my account from a machine that had the downloader installed, so that might explain the bug.

I do wonder, however, how many OS X users ever buy from Amazon. I'm guessing it's a very low number.

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Unknown said...

i just installed the amazon mp3 downloader on my mac ( I'm running 10.5.8). My Mac Pro almost never froze before, since I installed it I had to force shutdown 4 times. Something with Safari and the downloader not liking each other.