Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stealing your kid's iPhone upgrade

If you have an AT&T family plan you may have one or two kids with data plan free simple phones. Did you now you can steal their iPhone upgrade through the AT&&T eligibility transfer process? This has been available for a while, but AT&T has better defined the process.

The catch (you knew there was one) is that iPhone contracts come with mandatory data plans and phones that can never be unlocked (barring an Act of Congress - which is not impossible in this case).

So you'll be getting your kid a data plan whether you want to or not. It really only makes sense if you want to do that, and if you're going to give them a data plan phone (like an old iPhone). You'll also be making it harder to quite AT&T, which they are quite in favor of.

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Anonymous said...

I am still mad at ATT for changing my ability to have unlimited data, as needed, on my less than 2 month old iPad 3G. I expected to use it a few times a year when traveling and not much else.

I am hoping for Verizon by early 2011.Verizon always let you use any member's update and switch it to other family members. To my knowledge ATT did too.

I love the iPhone (we have 3), but we all complain about dropped calls daily with ATT.