Sunday, July 03, 2011

Karelia Sandvox fails

I've been looking for a general purpose personal OS X website creation tool for years, ever since FrontPage effectively expired @2000. iWeb was a feeble contender but it died a year ago.

Yes, this is a terrible market.

My most recent trial was Karelia's Sandvox; I tested an earlier version in 2006.

Sandvox looked like a contender. It's been around for years and is being actively updated. It has a trial version.

It failed under 10.6.7. It had several weaknesses and one fatal error. The weaknesses were that it uses a proprietary database store (no native HTML edit) and that when I searched help and the web for "embed video" and MobileMe I found nothing.

The fatal error was that it crashed when uploading a page with several embedded videos to MobileMe. I got a classic "quit unexpectedly" dialog.

There's not much going on in this corner of the tech world. Anyone have something that works?

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