Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spammers have found a hole in Blogger's comment system

I'm used to getting comment spam with embedded links. Often the spam appears benign, but the links go to bad places.

This one was different however:
I agree. The organization and departments like FDA or BFAD should check the contents of these toothpaste products. This will ensure its safety to the people. Aside from that, other chemicals in the toothpaste formulation should also be checked. According to my dentist, Ron ******, some products may contain melamine which can cause severe damage to the brain. I hope that they will be able to resolve this kind of issue.
It sounds spammy, but it is somewhat related to my blog post and it didn't display with an inline link in Google's Comment review. It even linked to a Blogger profile.

So I approved it. Blogger emailed me a copy and then I saw it had a link. It was spam of course. (I think BFAD has something to do with "Black Friday" sales deals?)

The post was crafted so the link didn't display in the Blogger Comments review UI, but it did display once the post was approved. The senders even invested in a spambot (human or silicon).

Obviously a high class operation! I wonder how long it will take Google to close this loophole. In general their Blogger spam filtering is excellent; most spam isn't even presented to me for review.

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