Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flickr has a Snapfish problem

I've been hearing reassuring sounds on about Flickr's resurrection. Since I've been unhappy with Picasa Web's disinterest in Aperture/iPhoto the support meant I gave Flickr a try. Not least because Aperture has built in Flickr sharing features.

I signed up for the 3 month pro service. It auto-renews, but if you "cancel" you effectively turn off the auto-renewal and continue the term of your subscription.

I liked the Aperture integration, but Flickr felt old and clumsy. Worse, the sharing settings are difficult to revise for Sets, and there's no true equivalent of Google's share-by-unguessably-large-unique-URL.

I could live with that, more or less, but Snapfish did me in. 

Twice I sent "Sets" to print via Snapfish, and twice a few photos were "unavailable" (all seemed well in Flickr). Worse, when I tried to delete my new Snapfish account, I learned terminating a Snapfish Account isn't easy. That's a flagrant violation of clause 1 of Gordon's Laws for services.

Since I couldn't delete, I set a very long password, removed all my photos, and tried to change my email to my spam account. Alas, now I was forced to enter a (fake) postal address. 

Sorry Flickr, that's too many problems; I'll suffer with Picasa a bit longer. Call me back when you have a different print partner.

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