Saturday, September 21, 2013

iOS 7 has completely removed ability to play Podcasts through and

Message received when connecting my daughter's iOS 7 4S to iTunes:

Screen Shot 2013 09 21 at 2 10 03 PM

Until iOS 7 one could get reliable iTunes Podcast sync by deleting and viewing Podcasts in or Those abilities are now gone. Not a surprise, too bad Apple brought a lot of bugs with the transition including iTunes 11.1 Media Kind bugs causing podcast invisibility, and claims of massive data loss when synchronizing archived podcasts with iOS 7

It's well past time for me to switch to either Downcast or Instacast. My colleagues are reviewing the tradeoffs with me.

(I'm still on iOS, I like the kids to find these bugs first.)

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Martin said...

Just remember that podcast apps on the iPhone do not scale up well – they are fine for maybe a maximum of a few 100 episodes and will visibly slow down when updating your podcast subscriptions. The iPhone 5s performance will help but such performance will not be the default configuration for at least another year …