Sunday, June 01, 2014

eBook library use 2014 - the curse of FairPlay DRM

Goes like this...

From Mac

  1. Browse public library Overdrive site.
  2. Download Adobe ePUB .ascm files. Launch to download ePUB into Adobe Digital Editions Library
  3. Right click show in finder
  4. Drag and drop file onto Mac Rename new desktop file with extension of due date.
  5. Place files on Google Drive (I use Borrowed folder)

On iPhone

  1. Open ePUB file from Google Drive.
  2. From prompt choose to open in iBooks.
  3. Read.

When done reading or at due date.

  1. Return from Adobe Library if prior to due date, otherwise expires there.
  2. Delete all the files.

This is all very annoying. Apple needs to adopt a non-FairPlay DRM process for eBooks, make it available to publishers, and give up on their $#$^#$ 30% cut.

PS. I really like as an app, but Overdrive supports Kindle. I may try the Kindle app if it works with the Library books.

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