Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to upgrade to Yosemite Aperture when migrating from Mavericks

Via Macintouch:


… if you’re upgrading from Mavericks to Yosemite, the previous versions of Aperture (3.5.1) and iPhoto (9.5.1) for Mavericks won’t run at all on Yosemite, and you can no longer update them from the Updates tab of the App Store - because they've been removed from the store.

The only way to obtain the Yosemite versions of Aperture (3.6) and iPhoto (9.6.1) is to delete the old versions and then re-download the full applications from the Purchases tab of the App Store."

I guess I’d better hurry up on my Yosemite migration, but at least there’s still a way to do this.

Fortunately I think it’s fairly easy to “steal” Aperture, which, in this case, is probably legitimate.

I have Aperture on both my laptop and my desktop. I’d rather upgrade laptop to Yosemite first, but that will take Aperture there to 3.6. I suspect 3.51 (Mavericks) can’t import 3.6 Libraries. Interesting times.

Update: I tested this on a Mavericks machine I just updated to Yosemite. Even though the “Purchases” list shows Aperture with an “update” button, the update doesn’t work. You do have to delete and redownload. I wonder if this is actually a bug.

Sadly, while it’s still possible to download Aperture, there’s no way to download iPhoto for Yosemite, and iPhoto for Mavericks won’t work. Turns out you can download iPhoto the same way. Delete it then Install from purchased.

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