Saturday, October 20, 2018

MarsEdit - drag and drop link creation only works with Safari now

In the past it was easy to create a link to a web page within MarsEdit from Safari or Chrome.. Click in the browser URL address bar, drag to rich text editor pane, and drop. Bam — a link is created with the page title text and page URL.

That was broken in a recent MarsEdit update. Happily it was quickly fixed for Safari. As of 4.2.1 it doesn’t work for Chrome though; with Chrome we get the URL text but no link.

I think Daniel will fix this sooner or later, but if you are a MarsEdit user and you miss fast Chrome link creation please let Daniel know. I’d like to get it back!

PS. I’m so Chrome-stuck, mostly due to need for identity switching, that I now drag the link from Chrome to Safari then from Safari to MarsEdit!

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