Wednesday, December 17, 2003

How to restore an iPhoto Library from and iPhoto Disc and recover from a corrupted iPhoto Database

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To restore a library from an iPhoto Disc open the disk in the Finder. You'll see a folder called iPhoto Library. Copy it to your drive. Rename it what you want and put it in Pictures.
Now you can use iPhoto Buddy, or iPhoto Library Manager, or iPhotos 'find library' function to open this. iPhoto will treat it as a standard library.

Here's how we're using this technique to restore a trashed iPhoto Library [1]. In this case the trashed Library shows only a single image in the Library view, but the Albums are intact.

1. Burn albums to CDs. Since the library is 1GB we'll split it between 2-3 CDs. Each will become a future new library to be managed by iPhoto Library.

2. Rebuild the library (Option-Shift click iPhoto, hold Opt-Shift until see rebuild dialog. Create new rebuilt library. This rebuilt library has a FULL library, but there are many duplicate images (with import date = time library is rebuilt) and some images have incorrect attributes (dates, names, etc). All the role information is gone of course.

3. Run the 'find unassigned' AppleScript against the rebuilt library. [2] Sort this and delete duplicates. When ready burn the 'Unassigned' album to CD

4. Using the restore technique outlined above, create hard disk based iPhoto Libraries from the CD iPhoto Library. As needed, open these and then insert the 'Unassigned' CD. Copy images to the appropriate Library.

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