Friday, December 12, 2003

Zip-Linq cable for Tungsten E sync AND charging: buy the Zip-Linq mini-USB mouse

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Subject: Zip-Linq cable for Tungsten E sync AND charging: buy the Zip-Linq mini-USB mouse
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The Zip-Linq (USB 1.1 ONLY, not high speed) cable is my favorite 2003 product. A single mini-B cable works with

- the Tungsten E
- some digital cameras
- some cell phones
- the Zip-Linq mini-USB travel mouse
- the Zip-Linq travel charger / power adaptor

If you have a Tungsten E, I'd recommend buying the Zip-Linq mini-USB mouse and getting a very portable sync cable and a very portable optical mouse for $20.

For my other postings on the fabulous Zip-Linq devices, plus URLs, see:


Since Palm doesn't provide a standard replacement or travel charger for the T|E either a Samsung phone charger [1] or the Zip-Linq charger are good alternatives.

I'm now buying devices in part based on their integration of the mini-B adapter so they work with the Zip-Linq cable family and other similar devices -- including shared power adaptors.



"The port is a standard 5 volt/1 amp port, the same one used by many
Samsung cell phones. While I'm sure the E will sell in sufficient
numbers to spawn a line of chargers of its own, for now you can pick up
chargers for the Samsung A460/A500 and use them with the E. I've got a
Belkin car charger that works great. I use the car charger whenever

This quote is in the middle of a pretty decent, comprehensive review.

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