Tuesday, March 30, 2004

iPhoto 4.01: more than a bug fix

John's Digital Photography Page
iPhoto 4.01 was more than a bug fix. They fixed some big usability problems -- especially cropping. I'll update this page with what I notice:

1. Cropping works! Now after you crop and go to the next picture, iPhoto remembers your last aspect ratio. In edit mode it even gives you a crop box oriented around the image. It's emulating the behavior of GraphicConverter prepare for photo service features (I think I might have had a role in GC's implementation of this behavior, so it's nice to see it appear in iPhoto too!).

2. The JPEG decompression has changed. Images render in stages and they appear oddly softer. I'm not sure whether I like this or not. I suspect it would look better on some displays than others.

3. I haven't noticed any more integer overflow bugs (petabyte file sizes), but I'm watching.

4. Although some have had problems with the active folders (canned queries) I haven't run across that yet. (Bug is query selects all images, workaround is to enter a 2nd clause that returns null.)

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