Thursday, April 08, 2004

Mirra - personal server

Is Mirra for me » Mirra. The first Personal Server: "With the release of Mirra Personal Server 1.1, Mirra just got even better -- easier set up, thumbnails for improved photosharing over the Internet, better performance, and much more."
This is clever. I presume it's a Linux box with some big drives. They bundle some custom software for backup/versioning and some tunneling software so you can server images and access files form inside a software using an external Mira Proxy. (Probably a Linux VPN solution.)

Nice packaging of hardware and software. This is very innovative use of basic technology.

The drawback of the backup is that it appears to be on-site only. There's no reason they couldn't setup a companion off-site service for an extra fee, that may come later.

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