Wednesday, May 12, 2004

NAV on OS X deletes entire Eudora mailbox files

MacInTouch Home Page: "Notes and Tips

Alan Claver offered some good tips for avoiding Norton AntiVirus's bad habit of destroying entire mailbox files:

The problem is that the virus signature appears in clear text within the mailbox file and/or spool files of Eudora. This text is matched by NAV and depending on your options the file is either deleted or quarantined (with predicably bad results).
Not every definition file appeara to have these signatures but when they are downloaded and incorporated into NAV, these issues occur.
The fix for this is to exclude the folder which contains the IMAP and/or SPOOL folders from NAV real-time and scheduled scan configurations. For the standard Eudora 6.x installation on OS X:

* POP mail folder: {home}/Eudora Folder/Mail Folder
* IMAP folder: {home}/Eudora Folder/IMAP Folder/{mailbox folders}
* SPOOL folder: {home}/Eudora Folder/Delivery Folder

Don't just exclude the entire IMAP folder because the Attachment folder for the particular IMAP account is located there and that folder must be scanned (since that's where the virus files are dropped)."

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