Thursday, November 04, 2004

iPod Technoporn -- iPod lounge buyer's guide

iPodlounge | All Things iPod
As promised several weeks ago, iPodlounge is proud to announce the immediate availability of the iPodlounge Buyers’ Guide 2004 for free download from the links and locations below. It contains the world's first review of Apple's new iPod Photo.

For the unfamiliar, iPodlounge's Buyers’ Guide is a complete, magazine-style guide to everything iPod and iPodlounge, with trustworthy previews and reviews of the very best iPod accessories, guides to getting free iPod software and support, and much, much more. We've designed the Guide so you can print only the pages you want, and give them to your family and friends as very specific holiday "gimme iPod" reminders.

By reader demand, the Guide contains a complete report card of the over 200 iPod-related products that have been reviewed by iPodlounge, and features the incredible art and photography of iPodlounge readers from around the world.

Gizmodo loves it.

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