Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Macs & Cell Phones: Macintouch report

Macs & Cell Phones (Part 4)

This Macintouch report is a bit dated, but note the comment on the USB interface cable.
If Suzy is looking for a Sprint Palm OS Phone with analog ability, the Samsung i500 in combination with MarkSpace Software's Missing Sync would provide the ability to sync with Address Book or Palm Desktop. Unfortunately Sprint has been late to market with Bluetooth, offering only the now discontinued Sony T608. It does sync nicely, and has analog, but is marred by a quirky interface and bugs.

Sprint does now have the Motorola v60v, which is voice only (no Internet features) but I speculate would sync with address book over a USB cable since iSync works with every other v60.

Another option is BitPim, a sync software project in beta, which offers support for a wide variety of phones over USB. People have had varying degrees of success with it.

By the way, USB interface cables for many phones can be found at Radio Shack under the brand FutureDial, for about $20. Suzy can search through forums like the ones at Sprintusers.com or Howardforums.com or the Yahoo Mac cell phone board for deeper info.

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