Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Buy a Mac, recycle an old PC - and 10% off iPods

Apple will recycle an old PC if you buy a new Mac. Any PC that can't run XP is worthless and costly to get rid of legally and ethically, so this is a nice benefit. Even good boxes need XP licenses. Thanks to Boot Camp most Mac buyers will want to keep their XP license -- so the PC is only useful to buyers who have their own license (schools, overseas donation, etc). Without an OS the markets for even half-decent boxes are limited -- but do ask at a local donation firm. (via Macintouch)
When a customer chooses to participate in the program, Apple will send an email with instructions and a label for free shipping and recycling. Customers simply package their recyclable equipment and attach the label provided. All equipment received by the program is recycled domestically and no hazardous material is shipped overseas.
Also, if you have a dead iPod Apple will give you a 10% credit on a new one -- that could be as much as $40! for garbage.
Apple continues to offer a free iPod® recycling program through its US retail stores, providing environmentally friendly disposal of any unwanted iPod and a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod.

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