Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogger 2.0: now in beta, no Safari support yet

Blogger 2.0 is in beta. I tried it, the main thing I noticed was the ability to tag posts and the hierarchical navigation widget for the archives.

I also saw this post on Safari:
Browser compatibility. The current version of the beta works best in Firefox and Internet Explorer. We are working to resolve issues with other browsers, specifically Safari.
I suspect they simply mean they'll make Safari users as miserable as they have with Blogger 1.0, versus having it not work at all. Still, one can hope. There's a discussion group.

Things get confusing if you have a blogger account and accept the invitation to create a second beta account. I would advise against that, though I was eventually able to get the accounts sorted out.

Update: I get it. The new account is tied to my gmail account (Google's identity management solution), but my main Blogger account predates Gmail and has a different identifier. Since I've created a Gmail linked beta blog, I connect to the beta blog unless I disconnect from my Google accounts. Hmmm. This could be messy.

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