Thursday, August 03, 2006

TinkerTool System

I came across this via ATPM, an OS X insider site. TinkerTool System does sound appealing, and it's not much money. I'll download and give it a trial. I like when they say:
The latest version comes with a new deinstallation helper for applications or other software components which had been installed by "drag and drop", a tool to eliminate unneeded code support in Universal Applications, and a feature to manipulate the Services menu of Mac OS X

TinkerTool System is very different from other maintenance applications because it never uses any scripts and is fully integrated into the security architecture of Mac OS X. For example, it never asks for your password itself but lets Mac OS X do this when necessary, always verifying whether an operation you have selected is allowed to be performed with your current user credentials or not.
Somehow that language is soothing ...

Update: TinkerTool has a very sophisticated system for allowing evaluation while preventing piracy. So sophisticated it wouldn't let me evaluate it. Delete.

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