Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The NYT Permalink Generator

I'll start using this in my blog posts:
TidBITS - Create Permanent Links to the New York Times

... because the New York Times considers itself as the newspaper of record, back in 2003, they worked out a deal with Dave Winer of UserLand Software to provide permanent links in RSS feeds generated through the Radio UserLand RSS aggregator. That said, it would seem that the New York Times is running its own RSS feeds now, so there's no obvious way to find a permanent link to an article you're reading on the New York Times Web site...

...use the New York Times Link Generator, written by Aaron Swartz of the social bookmarking site reddit. Just feed it a link to a New York Times and it returns a version of the link that will remain free for the foreseeable future, though of course the Times could always change their policy. There's also a bookmarklet that you can use to generate a permanent link from the current page when you're on the New York Times Web site.

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