Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spanning Sync on multiple macs

This description of Spanning Sync makes me wonder again if we can use it for a family calendar. I still need a good solution for synchronizing Google Calendar with Outlook ...
Spanning Sync Blog: Using Spanning Sync with Multiple Macs:

...To set up Spanning Sync on multiple Macs, first download and install it on one machine, login using your Google account, pair your iCal and Google calendars, and perform a sync. At this point, Google Calendar will have a copy of all of your events.

Then on each of your other Macs, create an empty iCal calendar for each calendar you're syncing. Install Spanning Sync and login with the same Google account, then pair the appropriate Google calendars with the empty iCal calendars and sync. From this point on, changes you make in iCal on any of your computers will be synchronized with Google Calendar and with your other Macs.

Remember that since Spanning Sync is licensed per-person and not per-Mac, you can install it on as many Macs as you like—just login using the same Google account on each one...
I will test this at home first ...

Update: I created a family domain for Google Apps and added both my wife and I to the domain. I've tested spanning sync and am now trying SyncMyCal and gSyncit. Gsyncit is bidirectional, which I don't want for work, so I'll try SyncMyCal first.

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Anonymous said...

ive been using calgoo (www.calgoo.com).

right now its beta and they say they will have two way sync soon. for now i found a 'hack' where you can import your outlook - then copy the appointments to the google cal in calgoo, that way it 'syncs'

i just hope they work out the two way sync soon so i dont have to do this. the program itself is solid.