Friday, January 18, 2008

Bose QuietComfort 2 Mobile Communications kit connects to an iPhone

Sadly, Apple has not released an iPhone with a standard headphone mini-jack (the current recessed receptacle won't fit most mini-jacks). I'm getting the feeling they never will.

Sigh. Faust would understand.

I figured I'd have to buy a stupid dongle or whittle down my Bose QuiteComfort 2* headphones. Turns out there might be an alternative -- the $40 Bose QuietComfort 2 Mobile Communications Kit. Sure, it's much more expensive than whittling, but it includes a microphone so you can handle incoming calls. On the other hand it only works with post-2005 QC2s. (I might get away though, my original QC2 was replaced for free about a year ago.)

So if you have an older set you probably want to call Bose with your serial number before you buy.

* My one extravagance. There are now good alternatives for about half the price.


Anonymous said...

I have a pre-2005 set of QC2 and the only reason this kit kit won't work is because of a small plastic protrusion on the plug that prevents it from being inserted into the headphones. I used a utility knife and shaved this piece off. Voila! It fits and functions perfectly.

JGF said...

That's funny! Thanks for the tip. I think Griffin is now selling a generic adapter with embedded microphone that works with any headphones at half the price, so that's another option.

Pranay said...

Hi John,
Thanks for posting your experiences.
I have an iPhone3GS and am interested in buying a Bose QC15. As bose still has no cable with built in mic. So i would have to buy the mobile communication kit with my QC15. so wanted to ask if you have any idea :
1.if QC15 also has the problem not playing back your voice with a microphone kit attached to it?
2. Does the current Mobile comm kit from bose has the 3 standard buttons on the iphone headphone?