Monday, January 28, 2008

The laptop stand, a tripod and a treadmill - exercise for geeks

Andrew routinely violates Gordon's Laws of Acquisition.

This is good, and I thank his suffering spouse for her patience. Andrew is my one man research department. Today he brought me a great one.

Andy has assembled several pices into an obviously practical geek exercise solution:

  1. The Laptop Stand from from Pfeffer Industries: $35
  2. A camera tripod - thereby justifying purchase of a good tripod
  3. Netflix video-on-demand
  4. iTunes sharing (podcasts)
  5. A laptop (OS X needs Parallels or VMWare and XP to use Netflix's evil XP-only VOD solution)*
  6. A treadmills or eliptical trainer (Our ancient Nordic Track will, alas, strike the tripod).

* OS X users who are not current Netflix customers are probably going to substitute Apple video rentals, but note that the Netflix solution is a "freebie" for Netflix current subscribers. Apple video rentals cost money.

The key is the stand fits a rugged tripod quite well. Andy certifies it works in practice.

This might just cost justify our purchase of both an elliptical trainer and good tripod.

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Anonymous said...

First I want to also say kudos to his wife because my wife is having a little hard time dealing with my geek setup. I couldn't resist getting a treadmill desk similar to the Lifespan Fitness TR 1200 as a one size fits all for the healthy conscious geeks. Now I can finally program and debug scripts while getting in my exercise for the day.

That means more coding!