Thursday, October 09, 2008

Toodledo iPhone vs. Appigo

I have really appreciated Appigo's combined with Toodledo's web service, despite some sync issues [1].

Now, however, there's a serious alternative. Toodledo has launched their own iPhone and iPod Touch client.

The Toodledo app should have a big advantage. The data model should be an exact match for the web site. Same fields, same allowed values (same data dictionary), etc. No funny mappings for priorities, no missing context fields, etc. One vendor to own the synchronization problem.

On the other hand, Appigo has an integrated Notebook app. Their app is mature and reliable, and I've worked around the data model issues. Their aesthetics are much better than Toodledo, and they're not tied to a single web service. If, heaven forfend, Google should ever add tasks to their calendar app, we know Appigo would be on it like flies on ... well .. .quickly anyway.

I think a newcomer could go either way. They're both pay apps, so price might sway some people. (Toodledo is cheaper.)

I'll stay with for now -- it works and I like their Notebook.

Competition is good though.

[1] I think these are on Toodledo's side; I've found that transactions don't always complete as expected when I use their web GUI).


Michael said...

Have you checked the iPhone app?

Contrary to both of the apps presented here it's free to download and it syncs with the "cloud" web application.

Please let me know what you think about Nozbe vs Toodledo vs Appigo

Little Miss Know it All said...

Gordon I'd be interested in an updated opinion before I fill one or the other with too much info. My website business is taking off to the point that I really need a great mobile organization app. I have toodledo on my iPhone for a couple of days now and while I love the task, subtask and folder functions I think Id really like more notebook features for ongoing projects, meetings, etc. I have so many projects going on in different realms of my life I'd like one place to put them all so they are found fast yet keep them categorized and organized. I love the look of Bento and it's photo/media functions but not the task/project features. Basically, I want an all in one that makes my ADHD not so frustrating!! LOL, I'm not asking much, am I?