Thursday, July 02, 2009

Offline Browsers (web robot) – options to review

I’ve been working a way to create a local copy of a Sharepoint wiki. I haven’t solved the problem yet!

I’m working through a series of offline browsers, apps that we once called web robots. They claim to retrieve web pages and store them locally. I pulled this list from CNET view: Offline Browser by download, Vista support; I don’t use Vista but I wanted apps that were being actively supported (Vista is a good marker for that). Here’s the list:

I currently use SiteSucker on my Mac, but that doesn’t help with this problem.

So far I’ve been able to set WebCopier to authenticate against SP server (NTLM style authentication) but my first attempts to retrieve the wiki web pages and store them locally didn’t work very well.

I’ll update this list if I come up with anything that works. I think it’s useful as a list of offline browsers to consider for any purpose.

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